Sunday, August 06, 2006

Simple Key Mod Makes Most All Current Locks Obsolete

The most fundamental security device in the world has been hacked in a way so simply and quickly, this could be considered the biggest hack in history.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Place

Well, it's been a long time. I' now ending my 2nd week at the new house and job. We moved in Saturday the 8th of July. I started my new job on the 10th. I'll start with work.

The 1st few days/week every one was at conference in FL, man I wish I could have went. But now after the fact I'm kinda glad I didn't. They had 4 class rooms setup to teach the new sells Reps one the new program(software) and all 4 when down , 2 stayed down. Not good for the team. I'm kinda missing my old job, this job is nice good pay, great benefits, in my field, but there is no good social interaction. I do have a good friend there but he is busy with the new software roll out and work more at night then I do. All in all its going good.

The home life, O' where to start. The day we moved in the people that lived here was still here and and didn't move out fully yet and we didn't have keys to the door until the 2nd day. 3/4 of all the windows had broken storm pains, and the fridge was leaking on the left side. So on Monday I called the Landlord and got the door fix and they was going to get us a new fridge. Tuesday the locksmith came out and gave us new locks and keys. The Landlord called on Wednesday as said a man would be out to bring us a new fridge after noon, I get home (5:30pm) and still no guy. So I called the Landlord and asked what was going on, because me and my wife wanted to go out to eat. 6:30 she calls back and says he can be there in a half hour or at 8pm. I said 8pm is good as long as its not to much later I got to bed around 10:30pm. 9:45 and he shows up its pouring rain out side and he has no help and a flat tire dolly to "bring" this fridge in the house. So I have to help, after about a hour we get the new one in and the old one out. Long night broken door, gash in wall and a new fridge. I go to bed and then go to work in the morning, 10:30am my wife calls me at work and says the fridge started to smoke and she unplug it. I call the Landlord and by Saturday at 7am we have a brand new fridge a fixed door and lost of about $40 of food. Now is the 2nd Wednesday and every thing is going good, got my last check from my old job. The house is looking like a home and we got to see a movie last night and go out to eat :).

Well that was the adventure of moving to a new job, new house, and a new state

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

My life Part 3

We left off me starting High school , Let me tell you this was fun times.... Our Highschool was 10th grade throw 12th, So I was not a freshman but just as bad. One thing I learned in JrHigh is that the area I went to school at was alot differnt then the city, this area they had sellective groups (witch is not out of the norm, but these groups were made and lock tight from back in 1st grade). So with my father being a natural salesman and also a reastate agent, I learn the art of SELLING ( and I do mean I sold every thing). I sold art supplys to the art nerds, I sold "treats" to the jockes, "snacks" to the burn outs, CD to the Rockers and test to the losers. If you needed somthing I was the man to go to. With my friends in the city and not alot of friends here I made alot of cash real fast. Then I stated to meet some of the wrong people about the time I started to drive. I found out fun things like "snack" & "juice" , about this time I almost got into some real trouble with the friendly nearby "snack" dealer. Long story short I manage to get away from it all. So I'm now a TOP man in highschool and its my last year there and I started to date the girl of my Dreams .... We dated all that year and a long time afterwards, she showed my what a REAL woman was all about she did things to me that I only read about in "playboy". The only problem was with her is that she had a kid and at that time (the little one) was less then one years old , man I thought I was ready to take on the WORLD, I'm going to be a dad and I got a great girl to spen my life with ( man that was the worst thing I ever did , even worst then that time in mexico) So now Im dating her doing dad things and such. This was back in '97 the next few years was a blur or I choose to try to forget them. So after a few years and moving a few million time around the state I end up in a small town in North Missouri. All was good we moved in to my sisters house and only had to pay for a small rent and all of our own needs (food, and other stuff a person needs). So about 3-4 months after we move in I found out the BITCH was cheeting on me with her ex-boyfriend (aka the baby's daddy) the enter time we where toghter. But this was only after I found out that she is currtly cheeting on me with a so called friend I worked with. The worse part is not that she cheeted on me or took off with 3/4 of my things and all my money out of my bank account , is that that baby now close to the age fo 3 was taking out of my life and the life of my family, we all treaded her like part of our family. That was ruff I brock down for the next few years and found out what a good friend drinking is. In '99 I started a Tech school in the local town a found my true calling COMPUTERS.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My life part 2

Long Weekend but, I got a new PHONE :) it's the Moto Razar, Its kewl .. I also just got done watching the new D&D movie, yes they made a 2nd one. Its truly not as bad as the 1st but not a GREAT movie , if your a geek like me and play D&D you will like it.

Now to get back to the story of me:
Well like I said we moved out to the sub-burbs of St. Louis (True it was a town in Jefferson county named Arnold). I was in 6th grade when we movie out there so around 12yrs old. My 1st day in the new place and I meet 2 of the heartiest and freakest girls I know, one is on of my best-friends still to this day, they where roller skating down the street to my house to see who I was. After long talks we found out who each other where (they thought I was SOOOO kewl because I was a CITY kid and I must have been tuff, HAHAHAHA, little did they know). That image carried with me throw out the summer and until the 2nd day of my 6th grade year (That is they day I meet my bully of my life) as I got my ass handed to me on a silver platter after school. From that point on I was know as geek, and back then that was a bad thing. So I did the best thing I know how, I stuck to my true friends and SOLD every thing to EVERY one I could to "make" more friend. By Jr-High I was the "man" to go to if you need anything (and I do mean anything) at that point I could have got you a car if you had the money and really wanted one (to put it short, I had REAL contacts in the city that I left). Jr-High was kewl I meet the 1st true love of my life, know that I thing about it I cant remember how we meet, her name was Kathy and she was a little thing with great legs (she played basketball and ran track) and fire red hair. Man I thought she was the one we was going to marry and have kids and live together forever, But I was 14-15yrs old what the hell did I know. Needless to say that last NOT long, Jr-High came and when and my bully came and when as he was held back because he was smart S.M.R.T :D, times like this it pays to be a GEEK and truly be smart :D. So on to High school. I'll start that next time, later all

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This is my New Laptop, Its a HP Pavilion

1st Time

Well I'm new at this BLOG this so I thought I try it out. I guess I will start out by talking a little about my self. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Not a huge city but a lot better then the one I'm in now. Life in the city was great as a kid, it was you play ground you had every thing to do or not to do. I also grew up a Irish Roman Catholic, lets just say I knew what Ale was at a young age :). Grade school was the one of the worst times in my life, EVERY thing you saw,read, or heard about Catholic school is TRUE (Well I don't know any thing about the priest and young boy thing, I guess I was to ugly for them, good for me :D). Most of the stores you heard about in large cites and Gangs are all to TRUE. In 3rd thro 5th grade I lived in a house next to one of the worse JrHigh to High schools in the city. I could sit in the window of our 2 story home and watch the "Fights". So after 3 long years in the city we move out to the burbs.. I thing I'm going to end here for tonight I'm starting this kind of late and need to get to bed ...... Nite all